Friday, August 31, 2007

We got her

We just got to Gunangjhou last night. Our internet was working a little bit in Hong Kong and in Nanchang, but not this blog site. I still can't view it so hopefully this post works. Our flight from Peoria to Chicago was delayed 1 1/2 hours. So we had to literally run through O'Hare. The plane to Hong Kong was waiting for us. It was a long 15 1/2 hour flight, but very interesting. Our flight path took us over Wisconsin, Canada, Arctic Circle and Ocean (300 miles from the North Pole!), Siberia, Russia, Mongolia, and down through China to Hong Kong. We pretty much just checked in to the hotel on Friday the 24th. Saturday the 25th we explored the Hong Kong Airport and all the 150 shops within it.

Friday the 24th. We got into Hong Kong in the afternoon and checked into the Regal Hotel and just hung out there. We got a single room with two beds.

Saturday the 25th. We hung out and explored the airport shops and hotel.

Sunday morning August 26, 2007. We met both our guides Echo and Mary and the other two couples that are also adopting with us (Joel and Linda & Curt and Sherri). They are really cool and we are going to have a lot of fun with them. We left by plane for Nanchang then went and to checked into the Gloria Grand Hotel. We got joining rooms (much better than the single). We took the hotel bus to the Civil Affairs Building at 8 AM and went up to the 26th floor. We walked into a fairly large old wooden room that had to be at least 110 degrees. It all happened pretty quick, they don't mess around too much over here. The other two families with us got there little girls brought out to them within a few minutes. Then Mary and Echo came over to us and said Adriana is still on her way from the orphanage and it would be another ten minutes. It was really hot, sticky, and uncomfortable in the room. Lots of noise and chaos. When they finally did bring her into the room, she was very very scarred. She was leaned back in the caretakers arms, just frozen. Missy's first words about her was, "Oh my God Brent look how tiny she is!" Brent had no words. She went to Brent right away. She did not cry. Just stayed frozen. She is 26 inches tall and weighs 15 pounds. The other two families both had gotten 9 month olds. They are the same size as Adriana, just a little shorter. We were told that Adriana was very shy and not aggressive at all so when they brought food into the room on a tray she would end up getting the scraps because the others would take it first. We left pretty quick after getting her and went back to the hotel. Adriana attached to Brent like a shadow. He could not put her down or leave her sight. She liked Scott a lot, too. She didn't mind Brandi. She did not like Missy at all. Missy would get within sight and she would start to cry.

Monday the 27th. We went back to the Civil Affairs Building to do some interviews, paperwork, and pictures. We asked questions about her life in the orphanage. They could not tell us much. They did give us her bottle that she used (for what looked like a year with stuff floating in it!) We left there for the Public Affairs building for her passport papers. Then to the police station for her visa application paperwork. Then we all stopped at the Walmart for supplies. That has to be explained in person! Back to the hotel. Adriana slept through the night again (8:15 PM to 6 AM) but she is still cries when laid down or when Missy walks into view. She also really hates our hotel room so we spen most of our hotle time in the hallway with the other families. Right when we walk into the room she puckers up to cry.

Tuesday the 28th. We went to Elephant Park for siteseeing for the day. It was fun and interesting. Missy held Adriana most of the day and it went pretty good until we got back to the hotel. Then it was the same. Better day though.

Wednesday the 29th. We went to the Teng Wang Pavillion for more siteseeing. It was very cool. We saw a dance show. Very interesting. Lots of pictures, too. It was an even better day for all. Adriana and Missy still have issues though but getting better. Adriana can't get enough of Brent. We also walked to the McDonalds. Traffic is a lot different here. You just go. It's like organized chaos. There are cars, buses, vans, people, motorcycles, bicycles, and anything else you can think of all side by side with no real rules. They just go - inches apart from each other. There is not any road rage or nothing it's just the way it is. Absolutely amazing and can't be understood unless witnessed. Adriana was up till 12:30 Am playing fall back and summersaults on the bed with us! It was amazing! She is coming around some.

Thursday the 30th. We all went walking around shopping and stuff. All three families always stay in a group! Our guides say that we are safer than them over here but we don't feel comfortable without them. But halfway through the day our guides left us to go on our own down pedestrian walkway. No motor vehicles. We had a lot of the Chinese people come up and stare and try to talk to us and just want to see the baby. They would say, "Lucky baby" because they know haow she is getting out and going to America. The people are really nice and very friendly. Sometimes to friendly for our taste mostly when big crowds form around us. We asked Mary and Echo about her fear of the room and Missy. They wouldn't outright say it because people don't insult or offend others over here but we gathered that Adriana had an abusive female caretaker that Missy reminded her of. Her feet were also bound during her orphanage time. They bind the feet to make them grow under so they will be very small. They said the strted potty training her but what that means is that they tie her to a hole in the floor for hours until she goes. She is so much samller than we expected a 19 month old to be. Everything we brought for her is too big. And she is still taking the bottle with formula. We also found a lump of something on the back of Adriana's head by her neck. Our guides said it is probably another boil starting (she has what's left of one on her chest). We will go to the medical checkup on Saturday and will ask about it. She is also very congested and coughs quite a bit while indoors. Adriana was again up till 12:30 AM playing and having fun. She eats non-stop. Anything we give her. Cherrios was a life saver in the beginning and then watermelon.

Friday the 31st. We left for Guangzhou a day early! We are really excited about being away from that hotel. Maybe the next one will be better. We arrived in Guangzhou by plane in the early afternoon. We got to the Holiday Inn Shifu and went to our rooms. They are awesome. Really big with lots of extras and glass showers, etc. They are the executive rooms! We could almost live in these things. Best of all Adriana likes it better. There was a little wimper going into the room but then she came around. Also better with Missy. Except in the mornings she has to have Brent. We stayed at the hotel that night and just enjoyed it. Adriana took her first steps with Brandi.

Saturday the 1st. We are going to walk around down in the shops by the hotel. there is at least 200-250 down the street. It's kind of intimidating because of the amount of people and the stares but we'll make it.


6DaysWeek said...

So good to finally see photos and hear what's been going on. Adriana is just beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jeannie said...

What a pretty little girl. Dylan can't take his eyes off the pictures.
Hugs and kisses
Jeannie and Dylan

Keith & Mary said...

We are so happy that you have Adriana and that she is warming up to all of you. It appears she is a beautiful little girl and we are sure you will be able to put some weight on her soon. The pictures and the posting are great and allow us to have an idea of what you are experiencing! It is truly another world over there. Looking forward to your return next Friday night and meeting our newest grand daughter! We know you are saving a life and doing a wonderful thing for her. everyone appreciates your efforts. Enjoy the little time you have left in China and hopefully the bonding will continue to go well.

Stay healthy and hurry back.
Mom and Dad

Cori said...

congratulations! she is so beautiful! she does look really tiny. we can give her lots of candy at the shop! :) safe travels.