Friday, August 24, 2007

We Are in Hong Kong

It took us a little while to get the internet working and we don't know how long or where it will be working so we will post when we can. Here's what we've experienced so far:

We got to Peoria airport at 7:00 AM on Thursday Aug 23rd. Our flight was suppose to leave at 9:24 to Chicago O'Hare. After delays, we ended up leaving Peoria at 11:30 AM. Our flight flight to Hong Kong was scheduled to board at 11:33 AM leave at 12:18 PM. So we landed at O'Hare took a shuttle bus to the other side to our gate, ran for about 10 minutes and got to the gate where the girls at the ticket booth rushed us through with re-assigned seats. We were the last ones on the plane. They upgraded our seats to economy plus that has about 4 more inches of leg room. We had a wall behind our four seats which were together in the middle. The plane sat 3 on each side and four in the middle. We were right next to the wings. The flight took off only a few minutes behind. It was a long flight but went pretty smooth. And suprisingly Missy was the only one sick when we landed, with Brent and Brandi's motion sickness it was a miracle that they weren't sick, too. Our travel path was Chicago, Wisconsin, Canada, Arctic Circle and Arctic Ocean right next to the North Pole, Siberia, Russia, Mongolia, China, to Hong Kong. At one point we noted that we were flying at 39,500 feet at 610 MPH. The outside air temperature was -41 C. It was all very exciting. We actually flew down into some mountains. The temp here is about the same as home, maybe a little warmer and a little stickier. Everybody is real nice, but hard to understand. After we got our hotel and got to the room Missy crashed for the night, Scott followed pretty quick. Brent and Brandi went walking around the airport/hotel and got some Burger King food. It's now Saturday the 25th at 8:15 AM. We're all ready and going to go explore as far as we can without getting lost. Then we'll come back and relax and re-pack our carryon's and regular suitcases for the rest of the week. We have to meet up with the group and our two guides (Echo and Mary) tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM for a 2 hour flight to Nanchang to get breifed and get Adriana at about 3:30 PM here. (2:30 AM yesterday at home). We will have pictures and a video of that, of course. I think we stay in her province for about a week. Don't know how internet will be. If we got internet we'll post stuff. If not it'll come later. Brent already doesn't want to come home!!!! He wants to stay here. Brandi misses Kyle a lot! Thanks to all those who helped in anyway for us to get here!

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