Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's coming up on a year!!!!!

Little Miss Adriana will be with us for a year on the 26th of this month!!!! I can't believe it's been a year already. So much has happened it will take all day to post, so I will have to summarize. Brent is now a instructor at Cat, I started a photography hobby/career, haven't decided that yet, Scott got a job at McDonalds, works all the time, 40 hours this week. We hardly see him. Brandi well she wants to get a job but she is only 15 (as of August 2nd). She mostly hangs out with friends and tries to stay out of trouble..............:)!!!! Adriana talks NONSTOP, half of it we don't understand, but she gets her point across. She loves school (daycare). She is now in a class with kids her on age and boy she has picked up on alot of things. Good and Bad. I noticed a little bit more Independence, she wants to do alot of things on her own. Potty training is going well, we still have to ask her if she needs to go, she won't just go on her own. Going number 2 really scares her for some reason, so that's been a challenge.

We are so blessed, never been happier in or lives. Thank You God for this Wonderful Life!!!!!!

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RSR2003 said...

Hi there!

Great shots M!! :) So you've decided to start a biz! Congrats - you're in for a great ride!!!! :) How's your new camera?? :) Little A sure is getting big! Will have yours to you shortly :)