Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful Adriana!!!!!

Here is the latest masterpiece by Miss Rosie Siebenthal. I didn't think she would get any good pics of Adriana this time cause she was such a bratty 2 year old!!!! Rosie is a miracle worker.
Little Adriana 2years 4 months, 34 inches tall, 22pounds. She is our little princess. Thank You God for bringing this angel into our lives!!!!!!!!!!!

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RSR2003 said...

Hi Melisa!!! So glad you are posting again! I had you down in my faves and just thought I'd check tonight while on break :) And OH MY GOODNESS I keep going back and forth between the last one you posted and the first session we had together (fall leaves)...just look at those chubby baby cheeks on the fall pics...too too sweet..and now look how grown up she looks!! What a complete sweetheart! Thank you again Melisa and keep posting - I love seeing sweet little "A"!! Gotta get my fix until you all come back! :)

Take care and see you soon!!!

And P.S. SHe is the most beautiful little China doll I've EVER seen :)