Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nice Shades!!!!!

Get that camera out of my face!!!

Adriana & her Big Brother Scott

Just Precious

Mommy & Me

Sidewalk Chalking

Adriana is doing so much better. She is 19lb 1oz. Happy as she can be. Always on the go, keeping us all on our toes. The pictures above our from her friend Lauren's 3rd birthday party. Adriana had a blast. It was her first social event and she visited with everyone. She even let a couple of people hold her. She is still unsure about strangers, always checking to see were mommy and daddy are.
We have been home for a month now and she is amazing. We have been so blessed, our hearts are over flowing. This is better than any of us expected. Scott and Brandi adore her. Their friends just love her too. Every where we go people gather and ask endless questions.
Today was a disappointing day, we found out she will have open heart surgery sometime in the next year. She has a hole between the upper two chambers of her heart (a mur mur) it will not close on it's own and is common with the cleft lip. So surgery is the only option for her. Recovery will be 4 to 5 day's in the hospital, it's a common procedure and is really safe. At least that's what we were told. They will have to patch the hole because it's too big to stitch closed. I know God will be watching over her touching her with his healing hands. We will just worry about that in 6 months when we go for a follow up from today. Then after that surgery she'll have to have plastic surgery on her cleft gum, lip, and nostril.
She's come so far in the month that we've been home. When we first got her she could barely sit up on her own. Now she is starting to run! The only real issue we have is her eating. She won't eat on her own and she fights us most of the way through each feeding.

This is a little video of what we see when we are trying to feed her. We always try not to laugh, but it's just to cute. Eye Rolls, Peek-A-Boo, and Blowing Kisses Enjoy!!! We sure do.

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