Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love Bathtime!!!!!

First walk with MaMa & PaPa

I'm to tired to eat anymore PaPa!!!

It's Great to be home!!!!!!! China was interesting, but I'm an American Girl!! Everything was good with the trip, the best being of course our little angel. We only had one little hiccup during the trip and that's when we got home to Chicago to find out our flight to Peoria was cancelled. I really was in no big hurry to get on another plane. I got air sick 2 hours into the flight home and was throwing up the whole flight. Brent had Adriana the whole time. She only slept maybe a half hour. So Brent was really tired driving the rented van home from Chicago. We stopped a couple of times because Brent was falling a sleep. At that time he had been up 32 hours straight. It only took about 3 hours to get home. To all who was at the airport Sorry we missed you!!

Miss Adriana is beginning to walk already. We have only been home for a week and 3 days. She's catching up so fast. Now if we can only get her to eat. She will only eat Watermelon, rice, Cherrios, and Goldfish crackers. Sleeping is coming along really well. She sleeps in her own bed, waking up sometimes crying, but settles herself in just a few minutes. I think she is adjusting very well. We still are not letting anyone but us 4 hold her, because of me and her bonding issue. I think that is going to make strides this week with Brent and the kids back to their normal routine. We will be together by our selves for the next 2 or 3 weeks, then she starts the Daycare. That's going to be the true test for her. She's only going half days so she will be there only 4 hours a day, and somedays it will be less. Brent and I think this is the best place for her to be, it will help her socially and help her catch up to kids her own age. We believe if she hears people her size talking english she will imitate and pick it up faster.

We traveled with 2 other couples, Linda and Joel, Sherri and Curt. We all really hit it off. It was a total surprise to them that we were even there. They were never told there was a third family. Everything happened so fast I guess it slipped the minds of the people of the agency. We plan on getting our girls Adriana, Becca (Linda's and Joel's girl) and Rheann (Sherri and Curt's girl) together for Halloween. I hope for Christmas too, but I know how the holidays can get.

We want these girls to stay close, after all it really is the only Chinese family they have. It is a bond that should never be broke no matter how far away the leave from each other.

We tried to post the Gotcha video with no luck. Sorry!!! Still trying. Will post again soon.


Paula said...

Great photos of Adriana and her mama and papa. I love the one of her asleep in her high chair. So precious! Glad all is going so well!

Keith & Mary said...

I think all of you are doing a wonderful job with Adriana. She is also adapting very well. We just can't wait for the next week to see our grandaughter to love her and play with her. All the things she does is so cute. We just love her so much. The video is hilarous.